CWIC 21 is a GO!!! We have agreement with the campground, we have agreement with the team….we can do this safely and still stick to what got us here in the first place. We will unite around a common cause…we will eat, drink and be merry… and we will do it safely. 

CWIC21 will be a “COVID Careful” event. We will adjust the cooking categories and the judging system to allow for safe distances, sanitary practices, and as-usual participation. We will ask everyone to protect yourselves and others by taking the normal precautions. We will adjust our rules to allow for cooking in ways that will support being safe and still having fun and raising money for the much needed work the Boot Campaign does for the veteran community. 

 This will be the year of temporary adjustments. We gotta stick with hot foods, so for just one year the drink and dessert categories will be tabled, as will the kids hot dogs. 

Friday Night Steak Championship- sponsored by C&P Plastics 

Friday Night Homebrew- sponsored by Riley's Tavern 

Saturday - Jalapenos- sponsored by SJK Powers 

Saturday - Bar-b-q Ribs- sponsored by Mortgage Outfitters 

Saturday - Camp Slop....(beans, gumbo, jambalaya, could even include chili with beans) sponsored by Applied Inspection 

Saturday - Real Deal Honest to God Texas Chili- sponsored by Bates Machine Shop

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