Q: I've never been to this event, what do I need to do?
*****or, I come every year but still cant remember, LOL.

Step 1- Join our mailing list for reminders and to keep up to date, click here and follow us on social media. 

Step 2- Get a team together and figure out what you're cooking, start perfecting that recipe! 
RULES ARE HERE. Tell your workplace you need off. Don't ask, just tell. 

Step 3- Reserve your cabins. **CALL Lonestar Jellystone in Waller, Tx to get the discount rates. You will need to bring your own towels and bedding. 

Step 4- Purchase pre-sale tickets and category entries to save money! This will be available online in January. You will be able to purchase everything at the door too...just no discount. 

Step 5- Get your theme & patriotic gear ready...outfits, decor for golf cart & cabin, team site. We take this very seriously. We will look at you funny if you look too normal.

Make sure you grab a Welcome Pamphlet when you arrive with all important details!

Make sure you grab a Welcome Pamphlet when you arrive with all important details!

Q: I have purchased a pre-sale package, now what?

Wristbands and category vouchers will be mailed to you in advance along with some other fun stuff!  **Allow a little time for this because Junior mails these out in his spare time when he's not out chasing bad guys. You will need to give out the wristbands to your team before the event as they cannot get through the gate with out them.  During the event you will be able to exchange the vouchers for Turn-in containers, and even purchase more if you like.

Q: Okay so what do I do when I arrive?

At the entry gate make sure you know the name of the person who made the cabin reservation or if they have already checked in- the cabin number. Get your wristbands, kids 10 and under are free but they still need a wristband for their activities.  Get all settled in friday, you can put some stuff in the cooking arena to hold the space you want for your team, up to you. Get your golf cart.  Then you can head to the pavilion to get your turn- in containers, t-shirts, what not...you can also get these items on Saturday.  There will be raffle items set up in that area so check them out. Raffle is drawn just before awards on Saturday.  

Q: Whats the weather usually like?

She's a moody-moody mistress.  Pack a heavy coat & thermals and shorts & flip flops. And mudboots & rain gear.....we usually go through all the seasons of Texas in that one weekend. 100% serious.  No Joking here. In 2018 &19 we had shorts and sunscreen on Friday and Saturday was freezing and wet. A lot of people were unprepared for that and were miserable! The pool is temperature controlled to bring swimsuits for the kids.

Q: Can I bring my own beer?

Of course you CAN, this IS AMERICA!....we encourage you to consider travelling light where you can, and support the general store onsite! They stock up for this weekend!

Q: Anything I cant bring?

The only thing you should leave at home is the drones.....something about invasion of privacy.  But we will have a film crew and event photographer soooooo there's that.  Let them know if you don't want to be included in that.

Q: Who puts this on every year?

Just 5 regular folks with day jobs, who try to keep things organized.
Michael Wren 
Alan Martin Jr 
Kellie Outlaw
 "Big Al" - Alan Martin Sr  
Zane Homesley