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Boot Campaign's mission is to connect the more than 99% who have not served with the less than 1% who have by igniting the inner patriot in all Americans and providing life-improving programs for veterans and military families to bridge the divide between military life and civilian life.

Boot Campaign's life-improving programs work to help Veterans reclaim their health and wellness; restore military families; help Veterans restart their careers post service; reduce the suicide rate among those who have served; and reinforce military communities.

Since Boot Campaign's inception in 2011, they have blazed a trail in the nonprofit world, raising more than $22 million and giving more than $2 million annually to help service members, Veterans and their families from every generation. 

Your support of Chili When It's Chilly gives our servicemen and women access to life-improving programs free of charge to the Veteran and their family through Boot Campaign. 

Learn more about the cause at www.BootCampaign.org.



CWIC will always work to fulfill a solitary goal of helping folks who need it. Being blessed to be a part of doing good for others is a calling we accept, so the Board of Directors of A MAJOR FUNDING with the Executive Committee for CWIC will continue to seek out and work with charitable organizations who share our vision of grass-roots efforts to directly help those who need it, with as little overhead as possible to ensure the donation is put to good use. We remain committed to our cause, and are appreciative of the sponsors, supporters, and participants who share in our mission to help those in need.
There are no paid staff associated with any part of this event.