Wristbands and category vouchers will be mailed to you in advance along with some other fun stuff!  **Allow a little time for this because Junior mails these out in his spare time when he's not out chasing bad guys. You will need to give out the wristbands to your team before the event as they cannot get through the gate with out them.  During the event you will be able to exchange the vouchers for Turn-in containers, and even purchase more if you like.

Entry into each cooking event on the day of the cookoff will be $20. 
Save money by pre-ordering your team packages now!

CAMPING/LODGING Costs are NOT included

“The Big Kahuna” All-In Team Package – full value: $670
  • “The Big Kahuna” All-In Team Package – full value: $670
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You know who you are.... you have been there before, you bring a pile of people, you cook like beasts, and you will NOT be denied your place of glory amongst the timid teams who just cook a little, cause this team is not here to mess around...... • 15 cookoff entries, any event • 12 admission wristbands • 12 event t-shirts • 10 raffle tickets

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