Asking folks to brave the roads and leave behind unknown concerns at home this weekend seemed like a big ask, and the good folks at Jellystone Park- Waller (formerly Lone Star Jellystone) need some time to ensure your experience at the camp will be what you have come to expect from a weekend there. 

The New Dates are March 5-7, 2021

The event will be the same, just delayed to much better weather.  

Important Points: 

  • All purchases including pre-sale vouchers for cooking,  t-shirts, etc... are still valid! 
  • If you CAN attend on the new dates - NO ACTION REQUIRED!  You will automatically be re-booked for the revised dates at no cost to you.. 
  • If you CANNOT attend on the new dates, (we remain bummed out!) but please fill out this form here to request a modification or cancellation.  The park will offer a camp credit for a future stay, will re-book your stay or provide a full refund if absolutely needed. 
  • If you can't make this year's new dates, but plan to attend next year, we will honor that pre-sale voucher in 2022 if it's not used this year. Mostly though, we just want to see you there!!! 
  • Still have questions? Just email Brandon at and he can assist you! 

Finally, our ask is that you join us in remaining focused on the cause. We meet annually to listen to music, eat chili, and raise a lot of money for the work done by the good folks at Boot Campaign. Through pandemics, blizzards, and a host of other obstacles they continue to work tirelessly to get health and wellness programs delivered at NO COST to veterans who still carry scars, both visible and unseen. 

This winter weather has been a really big pain in the rear, keep in mind that our purpose and resolve isn’t chased away by cold weather. Join us on March 5 and 6 to show them we aren’t giving up. 


All the Very Best, 

The CWIC Team